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Yvonne Dykes is an author and storyteller based in London. 

Yvonne has lived in London all her life. One of nine siblings, she is proud of her Irish immigrant heritage. Yvonne writes about her experiences growing up in Notting Hill in her forthcoming debut novel, Shop-Bought Flowers. 

Making up stories was an important part of her childhood and she could entertain herself and her siblings with imaginative characters and settings inspired by her local park which happened to be  Kensington Gardens. 


Whilst studying for her MA in education, her tutor, Susan Askew introduced her to City Lit, an adult education college where she attended writing courses to hone her craft. 

At around the same time as Yvonne gave up full-time teaching to devote more time to writing, Fairlight Books

were advertising for short stories. Yvonne's were accepted and this was a pivotal moment, giving her the confidence to continue her writing journey.

She is a primary school  teacher and a big fan of contemporary art; a hobby she shares with her husband, Chris. They have two children and live in Cricklewood, North West London.



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